Ayles Brook Update 13th October

Bloor has finally cleared the brook – it took some chivvying and they have missed a few areas. I’ll ask them about that.

Now I’ll ask them about the growth of the bund which is alarming some residents.

Ayles Brook Update 13th October

1 thought on “Ayles Brook Update 13th October”

  1. Mark Hi, I didn’t know this comment from 13th Oct was here, hence my What’s App message today (27 Oct 19). It seem pretty obvious why the area immediately behind my back garden has been missed, the steepness of the 10ft high mound makes it impossible to get down to the brook. Have you had a response regarding the mound and the missed areas since your post on 13 Oct?

    This is important as it seems Bloor isn’t really that interested or concerned about the mound which adds to my fears that it will become a permanent fixture. So therefore I will be ramping up my involvement and most likely have to look at legal options to have the mound flattened or removed as Bloor’s engagement in the issue is all but non existent.


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