Councillor’s Report for the Holmer Ward July 2019

Councillor Mark Millmore

Ayles Brook update

I will be meeting with a representative from Bloor on Tuesday 9th July at 9:15am at the Sales Offices Car Park to walkthrough and discuss the maintenance of Ayles Brook. Local residents may join us if they wish.

Atwood Lane/Fulongs Hedge Update

Some residents from the furlongs were concerned about a rumour that the hedge along Atwood Lane might be removed and they would lose the privacy they currently enjoy. I contacted the Locality Steward who looked into it and reported that there are no plans to remove the hedge and, other than maintenance, the hedge is safe from extermination.

Bobblestock Surgery

At the last Parish Council meeting a member of the public raised a concern that Bobblestock Surgery might close. I have spoken to a doctor at the surgery who made clear that this is not the case and there are no plans to close the surgery. In fact I have some good news concerning the Bobblestock Surgery when I get to my section 106 report.

Unsafe Traffic Light Junction Green Wilding Road update

People are parking their vehicles directly on the junction next to the traffic lights. I contacted Crest Nicholson’s point of contact – This is his reply:-

“Thank you for your email. I note and agree you have reason to be concerned, unfortunately is seems as if non-residents are coming on to the development to park while they are at work.

Unfortunately, Crest will not be able to arrange a TRO (traffic restriction order) to allow us to place legal yellow lines as only the Council Highways department have that authority.

However if council were to put a TRO in place Crest would arrange and pay to have the yellow lines put down, we are at present putting in place contracts to carry out remedial works to the junction so I will discuss this issue with the Highways department.

I will get back to you as soon as I have agreed a way forward, so that legally enforceable lines can be put down.

Aylestone Park

I’ve been monitoring the email exchanges between Balfour Beatty Living Places and the Aylestone Park Association concerning the delays they have experience in getting the contractor, Countrywide, to complete the grass cutting. Countrywide don’t ever complete a “cut” in one attempt and miss out various areas. I did ask if Balfour Beatty Living Places are actually paying the bill. – If so to send me a record of payments for the scheduled work.

I also asked if Balfour Beatty Living Places have released money to Countrywide, but the work was not carried out, is it a breach of contract.

On Wednesday, 3 July I was copied in an email from Balfour Beatty Living Places Operations Manager saying a team will be attending this morning to complete the work.

I asked the Aylestone Park Association if they are now satisfied that the issue had been resolved –  the reply was:-

 “issues raised with regards to the lack of mowing in the Park have been resolved – only due to Belfour Beatty stepping in and finishing up the sub-contracted work”

Therefore, my original question remains is Countrywide in breach of contract? Will keep you posted on developments.

Planning Applications

P191770/O Land east of Canon Pyon Road Outline application for residential development by Taylor Wimpey UK Limited – I’ve submitted a conditional referral to committee on the grounds of public interest. There are many objections to this application. I had an informal meeting with the Case officer and pointed out that:

  • Taylor Wimpey are not carrying out the proper research because they’re rushing the application to beat the Holmer and Shelwick NDP.
  • This a back fill development on unsuitable land which has a tendency to flood water, onto the Cannon Pyon Road, near the traffic lights.
  • The road entry onto the Cannon Pyon Road will cause considerable traffic problems for the area.
  • It is outside the NDP Settlement boundary
  • Holmer and Shelwick has already surpassed its required target for major housing development as set out in the Core Strategy.

P190342/F Land adjacent to Walney Lane – A proposed four bedroom dwelling – There are numerous objections to this application online and I had a meeting on 26th June where after studying the drawings I made an objection concerning the unsuitable character of the design in relation to the landscape. In my view the current design is excessively ugly reminding me of a concrete bunker and would be an eyesore within the setting.

Holmer and Shelwick’s Section 106 Money

On 3rd July I had a meeting with the Planning Obligations Manager together with the project manager from Balfour Beatty who has been working on the S106 schemes in the Holmer Ward.

We reviewed the Holmer & Shelwick Traffic Calming scheme and there will be a formal public consultation in early September 2019 with actual work beginning late March early April 2020. We also talked about how the work will fit in with Gigaclear’s Broadband scheme.

Public Art Contribution

£12,500 from Crest Strategic Projects Ltd was contributed towards the memorial statue of Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC – Herefordshire’s only county-born VC recipient.


£392910.80 (three hundred ninety-two thousand, nine hundred ten pounds and 80 pence) from Bloor Homes Western towards educational enhancements at Trinity Primary School and/or Holmer Primary School that may be delivered during the course of the development and Whitecross secondary School.

Medical Care

£95671 (ninety-five thousand, six hundred seventy-one pounds after 149 homes have been occupied) from Bloor Homes Western towards enhanced primary medical care facilities to serve the development either at Bobblestock Surgery or at such other facility that will be developed in lieu of facilities at Bobblestock Surgery.

New play facilities

£37412 (thirty-seven thousand, four hundred twelve pounds) from Lion Court Homes for new play facilities and new green routes in Hereford city principally at Wentworth Park.

Sport Facilities

£287040 (two hundred eighty-seven thousand and forty pounds) from Bloor Homes Western towards Football. Cricket, rugby and h0ckey facilities in accordance with Playing Pitch assessment Hereford Area 2012 updated 2014 and other Outdoor Sports investment plan 2016.

We also discussed that if there is money left in the pot it could go towards improving the access for disabled people on the path to the Secret Garden.

Councillor’s Report for the Holmer Ward July 2019

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