Councillor’s Report for the Holmer Ward June 2019

Councillor Mark Millmore

Section 106 Meeting

I’ll be meeting with the Planning Obligations Manager, on 3rd July to be briefed on council’s schemes as a result of section 106 monies arising from development sites in the county.


I’ve asked to be on the Children’s Scrutiny committee and the planning committee.

I attended a scrutiny training session and will go to the work programming sessions on the 13th June. However, because of the ongoing confusion with the Independent Group, the creation of a new party (the True Independents?) and two further by-elections there could be an effect on proportionality and the number of available seats on these committees.

I believe I’m ok for Children’s Scrutiny committee and I’ve put my name forward for the Corporate Parenting Panel. However, because of all the planning applications in our ward, I’m keen to also get on that planning committee.

Unsafe Traffic Light Junction Green Wilding Road

People are parking their vehicles directly on the junction next to the traffic lights. It is very dangerous for pedestrians crossing the road as well as for vehicles turning into the Furlongs.

The simple solution to the problem is to paint double yellow lines along the stretch of road and any vehicle parking there would be subject to the law.

After doing some research, however, I found out that the roads on the Furlongs have not yet been adopted by the council. The Council is willing to adopt these roads but cannot do so until the developers, Crest Nicholson, finish the work on the roads and pavements to a standard which complies with health and safety.  Therefore, if Crest Nicholson want Green Wilding Road to be adopted they must make the road safe themselves.

I’ve tried to contact Bill Henley – Crest Nicholson’s point of contact – but he is away until 24th June.

Ayles Brook

I recently spoke to a resident of Orchard Close whose property is on the banks of Ayles Brook with the Bloor development on the other side. Together we made a video documenting the neglected state of the brook.

He told me that the farmer, who owned the land before Bloor, used to maintain the brook by clearing debris and cutting back over growing plants to about 15 meters away from the brook.
He also pointed out that this is a category three flood area.

I have spoken to Bloor, sent a link to the video for them to see – Got a response within an hour saying “I have sent this on for you and requested a quick response as you have a Parish meeting this evening”. I’ve not had a reply as yet and I’ll keep you updated on developments.

Atwood Lane/Fulongs Hedge

Some residents from the furlongs have contacted me because they are concerned that the hedge along Atwood Lane might be removed and they would lose the privacy they currently enjoy. I’ve contacted the Locality Steward who said he’s not heard anything about this – He will look in it and get back to me.


I counted 62 potholes filled in Coldwells Road – potholes have also been filled in Shelwick Lane and the Sutton Road. I believe the new repair system uses the ‘jetpatcher’ machine which is less costly and enables higher volumes of potholes to be repaired quickly.

Herefordshire Museum Service

The Herefordshire Museum Service invited myself and some other councillors to the opening of an exhibition of wood engravings by Harry Brockway and Sarah van Niekerk. I was able to have a chat with some of staff who described the problems they’re having with funding – I hope to make myself useful with my knowledge as an artist and my IT expertise. I recommend this exhibition which runs from June 1 to August 24 in the Art Gallery.

Councillor’s Report for the Holmer Ward June 2019

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