Ward Councillor’s Report February 2020

Shared use footway/cycleway on the northern side of the Roman Road

For the past few years there have been many concerns voiced by the residents of The Crescent over the proposed shared footway/cycleway on the northern side of the A4103. The parish council have consistently supported the residents and as Ward councillor I have continued to keep an eye on developments.

I had a meeting with the Highways & Transport officer on the 4th February where i was informed that the scheme has been postponed due to the efforts of the residents. Bloors transport consultants were asked to look at alternative schemes in the area to deliver walking/cycling infrastructure improvements.

They have come up with 2 alternatives;-

  1. A similar scheme on the southern side of the A4103
  2. An upgrade to the existing public footpath across the racecourse to link to Highmore Street, which was originally part of the Section 106 transport contribution.

I voiced my doubts about moving the cycle way to the south side of the road as it would probably create the same issue with residents pulling out of their dive into a shared use footway/cycleway.

We agreed that the second of the 2 options was preferable. I also mentioned the Dangerous Zebra Crossing on the Roman Road which I’ve repeatedly brought to the council’s attention since February last year when I made video on the subject see here


The Highways & Transport officer’s solution to the footway/cycleway also included the Dangerous Zebra Crossing problem and is as follows:

Amend the S278 Agreement with Bloor homes to remove the northern side cycleway, and replace with;-

  • A newly constructed 3.5m wide tarmac lit cycleway across the racecourse car park, to link to Highmore Street.
  • A new crossing of the Aylesbrook to link the existing toucan crossing to the above path, to remove pedestrians and cyclists from the racecourse entrance.
  • Upgrade of the existing Zebra crossing on the Roman Road to a signal controlled Puffin Crossing.
  • Improvements to the section of Grandstand Road between Highmore Street and Yazor Road Cycleway (to be investigated)
  • The Section 106 contribution can then be made for future improvements to the A4103, to be investigated by Hereford council along with other future measures in the area.

On behalf of the residents I would like to thank Hereford council’s Highways & Transport officer for his excellent work on finding a solution to both the footway/cycleway and the Dangerous Zebra Crossing problems.

194241 – 46 Venns Lane, Hereford

Proposed replacement of existing bungalow and erection of a block of apartments with associated parking and gardens.

This has been a contentious planning Application with many objections from residents and organisations such as the Hereford Civic Society and the Naturalists’ Field Club as well as the Conservation Officer. Having studied the application I supported these objections and was informed last week that the application had been refused on these grounds:

  • The proposed apartment block failed to respect the surroundings and world cause harm to the street scene.
  • Its scale would present an overbearing appearance and would disrupt the residential relationship between the site and the adjoining dwelling on Helensdale Close, discordant with the requirement of Policy SD1 of the Core Strategy.
  • The scale and appearance would also result in substantial harm to adjacent heritage assets – namely Cox Cottage.
  • The removal of all roadside vegetation is considered unacceptable and would detract from the overall townscape character of Venns Lane.
  • Transportation Comments state that insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate the requisite visibility splays.
  • Given the sites location within the River Lugg Catchment, the Habitat Regulation Assessment matter pertaining to phosphate levels in the river has put a hold on applications within the River Lugg Catchment area. This application is one that falls within that area and we are currently unable to proceed with any positive recommendations for the applications affected.
  • The scheme in its current form is unacceptable and fails to address the advice provided at the pre-application stage.

Hereford Transport & South Wye Transport Packages review

I will be attending full council meeting on Friday 14th February and intend to question the waste of £451,000 on a review that duplicates the work of pervious reviews and suggest that the money would be better spent fixing the thousands of unsafe potholes on Hereford’s road network. I will also point out that a fleet of electric buses will not solve the pollution caused by HGV traffic passing through Hereford on the A49.


Finally I thank the NDP Steering group on behalf of the Parish for all their hard work over the past few years and congratulate them on a successful referendum.

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