Ward Councillor’s Report January 2020

Dog Bins on the Furlongs

I received two emails about Dog Poo Bins


We at The Furlongs would like to request the installation of a new red bin located near the public amenity/children’s play park.

It is badly needed in this well used area. The current situation is that the litter bin at this location is being used for the disposal of dog poo bags and is now overflowing, so is a serious health hazard.

January 4

I live at the Furlongs and one of the bins at the park is in a right state we need more red dog bins for their mess as they are using a normal bin for general rubbish which is not appropriate for this. The children play at the park and have to go past it when playing if you could please do something about it we would all appreciate it thanks

Planning Applications

Now the NDP carries weight to Planning applications have been refused on the grounds that they are outside the settlement boundry

184511 – Little Haven Munstone – Two dwellings – recommended for refusal

190929 – Land off Coldwells Road, Munstone – Four dwellings – Recommended for refusal.

Flooding off Taylor Wimpy’s Development Site

Pavement A49 near the Starting Gate Roundabout
Pavement A49 near the Starting Gate Roundabout

On 21st December 2019 I made a film showing the Flooding off Taylor Wimpy’s Development Site. Many residents who are intimately familiar with the character of Canon Pyon Road are not convinced about the proposed 95 house development.
Flooding is issue was well documented in the objections to this application. Yet it was passed by the planning committee on the 13th November 2019.

I sent a link to all members of the Planning Committee but only received one reply.


Pavement A49 near the Starting Gate Roundabout

Letter from Parishioner 12 December

I draw your attention to the pitiful condition of the pavement at the above location. In places there is barely room for one person to walk and it must be extremely hazardous for the elderly needing support when one of them has to step onto the highway. It simply needs the cutting back of overhanging vegetation and removal of the compacted debris on the tarmac surface.

Ultrafast fibre broadband

I contacted Gigaclear and was told they would be delivering full fibre, ultrafast broadband with speeds up to 900Mbps to over 400 house in our community by 26th February
To register your interests in receiving this service go to https://www.gigaclear.com/
And enter your post code.

Victoria Park

Balfour Beatty misunderstood a request and mistakenly cleared the wrong drain in the small car park. The problem was with the drain in the MAIN car park and the flooding that resulted has made it difficult to access the play area.

Victoria Park
Victoria Park

Traffic congestion in Hereford

From Councillor David Hitchiner’s Newsletter

The level of congestion in Hereford in December seemed to be unusually high. It is a priority of this administration to come up with solutions to this issue, whilst having proper regard to the Climate Emergency. Cllr Harrington is working with officers in this area and will report shortly.

I spoke to Councillor Hitchiner just before New Year and he mention an Eastern bridge crossing as a solution to the traffic problems. I pointed out to him that this would simple divert A49 traffic along the Roman Road, which is already over capacity and together with the rail bridge chock point on that road would bring misery to the residents of Holmer.


To: cabinet member, infrastructure and transport

Question 1 from Councillor Bernard Hunt, Newton Farm Ward To: cabinet member, infrastructure and transport.

Given recent traffic incidents and the continuing increase in traffic fume pollution through Hereford City, can the cabinet tell us when they will be announcing positive policies regarding the County’s road infrastructure?

Response – Thank you for your question. Tackling traffic congestion and air quality in Hereford is a priority for me and, together with Highways England who manage the A49, I am actively exploring ways of keeping the county moving. Following my decision in October to review the Hereford bypass and southern link road schemes, the scope of this review has been developed and I anticipate confirming this in a formal decision which will be published next month.

This will determine the next steps to be undertaken and a timescale for this work. The review will look at other options including an eastern link / river crossing, removal of traffic signals and emergency incident response arrangements to remove blockages on the city’s roads, an electric bus fleet for the urban bus network, a very light rail system and further improvements to cycle and pedestrian provision across the city including safer routes to schools.

Meanwhile, I am also progressing an ambitious programme of other improvements to deliver public realm and active travel schemes in Hereford. This includes the provision of a high quality transport hub at the train station, public realm improvements on Commercial Road, Blueschool & Newmarket Street, improvements to the public realm in the High Town area and south wye area.

The draft budget for next year allocates funding to progress this work.

Lugg catchment phosphate problem

The Lugg catchment phosphate moratorium on development was considered at a meeting between council officers with Welsh Water and a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) hosted by the council at Plough lane on 6 December. The next Nutrient Management Board meeting, chaired by Cllr Swinglehurst, is now scheduled for 29 January, when the Board will consider proposals scoped by the TAG to strengthen the Nutrient Management Plan.

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