Ward Councillor’s Report November 2019

My report this month is rather brief I’ve been concentrating my efforts on the Canon Pyon planning application.
I must first make a correction regarding the application on the land East of the A49.
The arrangements concerning the foul drainage via a pumping station serviced by a 4000 gallon tanker was misunderstood and this system is only for emergency use.
Applicant’s agent has confirmed that drainage will be pumped to the mains. He has advised that the submitted pumping station detail is a drawing taken from the Sewers for Adoption guidance and indicates tanker access only for maintenance reasons (in the event of pump failure with capacity to empty the wet well). I understand that it is intended to provide amended drainage plans under the relevant conditions on the outline planning permission to reflect the current revised RM scheme and the applicant is liaising with Welsh Water.
However, there is still an issue with this application regarding car parking there are 91 spaces with 19 garages. Therefore, a short fall of 57 spaces excluding the garages as per the NDP requirements.

Poor State of the Roman Road

I have made enquiries concerning the poor state of the Roman Road and have revived the reply I’ll discuss with BBLP (Balfour Beatty Living Places) and respond in due course.
I’ve also received a complaint about Speeding Traffic on Roman Road.

P191770/O – Land east of Canon Pyon Road

My main activity this month is in relation to Taylor Wimpy’s Outline application P191770/O – Land east of Canon Pyon Road. I will be speaking at the Planning Committee on Wednesday 13th as Ward Councillor about this application and will be supporting the residents and parish council’s objections.
I will focus this committee’s attention on Holmer and Shelwick’s Neighbourhood Plan which is at regulation 16 and point out that the development is outside the NDP’s settlement boundary. The committee starts at 10am and there will also be a resident and parish councillor speaking.
I will make a report about the outcome of the committee’s decision later this week.

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